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250-2000 Septic Tank

Septic tanks were first introduced in The United States in 1883 for the sole purpose of discarding solid organic waste. Nearly 100 years later Lynn White put into action his plan to open a small precast plant in his backyard and build what the local septic contractors wanted, a quality concrete tank. Starting out with only two forms, a 250 gallon and a 400 gallon form, Tyler Products Sales, Inc. began. Since that time we are still offering the contractors a quality built septic tank. Even though tank sizes have changed, with some tanks now in the 2000 gallon capacity and with the method of delivery being changed, the quality of tanks is still our main focus today. While some people work to create a better mouse trap, we have worked to produce a better concrete tank.


Tyler Products Sales, Inc. is committed to not only providing the best tanks, but also a complete line of products needed in the installation and repair of existing systems. You might say we are very proud to be the main supplier of concrete tanks to a vast majority of contractors throughout East Texas. Give us an opportunity to serve you by giving one of our experienced team members a chance to quote you on your next septic project; you will be glad you did.

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