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When Tyler Products Sales, Inc. first ventured outside of its “septic” comfort zone; it was into the area of Sanitary Manholes. After starting out with the most common size of 48” structures, we soon added 60” and also 72” to our list of manhole sizes. All of our sanitary manholes are round structures and can be offered to our customers with a wide variety of choices to meet the specifications set by the engineers. Manholes can be built with or without the following; inverts to direct flow, flexible pipe to manhole connectors in a wide range of pipe sizes, coatings applied to the inside or outside of structure or both and many, many more options. The same sizes are available for lift stations as well. It is our desire to quote you, our customer, the structures that are stated on the plans. Give us a call and talk to one of our experienced sales team for your next quote.

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