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Geoflow Drip

Geoflow\\\'s Wasteflow drip system disperses effluent below the ground surface through 1/2\\\" pressurized pipes. It is designed using the grid concept with supply and flush manifolds at each end of the dripline creating a closed loop system. The grid design provides a complete subsurface wetted area.

The flexible 1/2” polyethylene dripline has large emitters regularly spaced in the line. With the dripline hidden about six inches below ground effluent is distributed slowly and uniformly, reducing ponding, even in difficult soils and hilly terrain.

WASTEFLOW is built to last. It is guaranteed to be troublefree from root intrusion with built-in ROOTGUARD® protection, and the dripline wall is protected from organic growth with a bactericide lining. WASTEFLOW provides uniform distribution. The emitters have a Coefficient of variation (Cv ) of less than .05. Different flow rates, dripline diameters and emitter spacings can be special ordered.
Use 600 series compression adapters or lockslip fittings to connect the dripline to PVC pipe.

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